Questions about OpenSuSE 11.1

Hi. I’m wanting to install OpenSuSE 11.1 (because my crappy rtl8187b wifi card isn’t supported in anything lower than the “in development” 2.6.27 kernel), but got a few questions b4 going in.

  1. Does it use bootsplash?
  2. Does it use tuxonice for hibernation?
  3. Will the promoDVD’s be available?
  4. What does it have for bootloader, grub or grub2 (read about bootloader issues in the news section of

11.1 is still beta so i don’t recomend it your card is listed here with instructions

I know 11.1 is beta. I was referring to 11.1 once it gets released. Also I saw that “driver” for 10.3 and wanted to ask. Is that one the “cuervo” one (the one you have to manually activate and that gives you a very low signal) or is it something else? Is it for the rtl8187B (notice the “B” in bold, it’s a whole different card than the rtl8187L which is nativelly supported by 2.6.23 or the rtl8187 which is supported nativelly somewhere in the 2.6.1x range, the “B” variation AFAIK got support on 2.6.27rc2 and later).

You can check out the package versions in factory/11.1 here:
Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/Factory/standard

Any chance of better support for

management of 3G connections (GSM/CDMA)
management of multiple active devices at once
management of PPP and PPPOE connections
management of devices with static IP configurations
route management for devices