Questions about installing OpenSUSE 11.0 on MSI Wind Laptop

I am currently on a business trip for a week and brought my new MSI Wind with me figuring I can set it up in the evenings while I’m out of town. I upgraded the memory up to 2GB and also replaced the hard drive with a 160GB model. Of course I have the Windows XP version but am putting SUSE Linux 11.0 on it. I’m following the wiki that was posted on at OpenSuse 11.0 - MSI WInd User wiki

Here’s where I’m having a problem.

First: I have done the formatting, partitioning, and installation of OpenSUSE and did it from an external DVD Drive. The first problem I ran into it with modifying the xorg.confg file in /etc/X11. I see the complete file in the Wiki but are these only a few lines that are changed? If there are only a few manually I know I can easily change these files. With not knowing it seemed the best way to do this would be to simply copy and paste the file from the Wiki. I don’t have it in a file but I assume I could simply burn the pasted file to a DVD and at that time copy and paste it from the file on the DVD.

Second: I see after this file there are a couple small changes I need to make to etc/sysconfig and xrandr. After this I know the next step is wireless. I saw it mentioned to replace the card with an Intel Pro 3945ABG. I haven’t seen this card anywhere but a local store sells the Intel INT-4965. Is this a good card to get? Also, I’m concerned because I saw the card when I upgraded the hard drive and it seems harder than simply replacing the card in the slot. At least two wires were soldered to it. Is this a hard procedure to do?
I prefer to stay with the current card if possible. I see that there is a driver now on MSI’s website for this card. If I choose to stay with the Realtek card is it better to simply use the driver on MSI’s website or better to follow the procedure in the Wiki

Also, one other note. It seems that many things such as using Yast to get the make, gcc packages, etc. require an internet connection. How are most people getting through this install? Are you just using a direct ethernet connection until you get the wi-fi working?

Thank you for your help. I’m a relative newbie to Linux and have only used Ubuntu a little. It seems with Linux sometimes it’s a little more tweaking and driver issues when you first set it up but the good news is once it’s up and working it’s great and much more reliable and stable than Windows.