questions about dune installation

I don’t know how to install file with tar.gz in opensuse, I know through Yast I can download rpm file and install them, but where can I find them after I install them, or how can just install them into a preset directory? and back to the tar.gz file, I know how to decompress them, through tar xzvf, and after that I still need to install them, right? but how?
I plan to use dune to build model, I made it before, but failed again with some errors

hongzheng6027:/usr/local/dune # ./dune-common-2.3.1-rc1/bin/dunecontrol --opts=/usr/local/dune/dumux-2.3.0/optim.opts --module=dumux all
----- using default flags $CONFIGURE_FLAGS from /usr/local/dune/dumux-2.3.0/optim.opts -----
/usr/local/lib/dunecontrol: file not found
Execution of dunecontrol terminated due to errors!

I don’t know how to generate this file under /usr/local/lib. So please explain it in detail

Most tar stuff will be source code thus need to be compiled. There should be a readme file in the tar with instructions. You will probably need to install some development pattern from the repositories. But which depends on the language the source is written in.

You really should seldom need to do this since many packages that may not be in the regular repo have been built by others and posted on private repos

you can search here

In general repos install program system wide so all users have access thus thy go to more or less standard locations. Unless you understand Linux you should just be happy with that. In Yast you can see whee all the files go by highlighting an installed package and selecting the file tab in bottom right. This shows all the installed files and the locations for the package. Note there may be files created by running that are not shown

In general there is not a big reason that you can not install to your home so you alone will run the program but that takes a bit of experience and knowledge for most packages