Questions about developement status of openSUSE:Factory:postgresql92.

I have a few questions about the postgresql92 package.

The package is listed as an official release under openSUSE:Factory. As I understand it, this repository is always in a current state of development for the next openSUSE release. Does “official release” mean this package is ready to be shipped with the next release?

I’m also confused about how this package was developed. The build service page has openSUSE:Factory:postgresql92 listed as “Developed at server:database:postgresql”. But server:database:postgresql:postgresql92 is linked to openSUSE:Factory:postgresql92.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but like all development packages postgresql92 was developed at openSUSE:Factory and is linked to the repository server:database:postgresql because that repository will soon become the “official release” for postgresql92. At some point the repository will no longer be linked to Factory and development will begin on the next release.

In other words, if you want the “bleeding edge” should add the openSUSE:Factory repository. If you want the “stable”, “official release” you should add the server:database:postgresql repository.

It depends a bit (much) on the interpretation of the word “official”. But imho an official openSUSE release consists out of what is in the OSS, non-SS and their Update repos. And when I then look into openSUSE 12.2, it has packages for postgresql91 and none for postgresql92.

Others may think different on what is “official” though.

From what i have heard openSUSE:Factory holds totally untested or partially tested packages. It is more of a system crashing edge :slight_smile:
I guess Bleeding edge would be or tumbleweed
If anyone wants a stable system we stick to OSS,Non-Oss,oss-update,NonOss-update repos alone.
Any other repo addition is not officially supported .
Any experimentation with unofficial repos is probably not recommended until more expertise is acquired on how zypper,YaST,vendor change ,zypper up,zypper dup etc work

If anyone wants a stable system we stick to OSS,Non-Oss,oss-update,NonOss-update repos alone.

Okay, I think that is a fair and reasonable statement. Thanks.