Questionable behaviour by Firefox 65.0.1 because of data processing for fonts?

I wonder about the system behaviour of the software “MozillaFirefox 65.0.1-1.3” since recent updates.
The opened documents are not immediately displayed in the way I was used to for a while. The tabs present empty windows.
If I inspect the corresponding subprocesses by the program “strace”, I get information like the following.

openat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/share/fonts/texlive-…/….pfb", O_RDONLY) = 257

Would you like to clarify any data processing difficulties around such software components?

I’m not sure that’s a problem.

It is not unusual for firefox to be accessing fonts. And if you have some texlive fonts on your system, I suppose it could use those.

  • I agree that font data are required for the graphical display of text information.
  • My observation of read accesses for font files from the software distribution “TeX Live” during a few program traces might distract from other difficulties in the current software combination.
  • May I expect readable contents from HTML documents within a few seconds instead of wondering about blank windows still after several minutes?

I seem to recall noticing a bug report or a factory mailing list message about font problems slowing firefox. So this is probably being investigated.

Do I need to add my observation about insufficient program execution speed (responsiveness) to any other issue tracker?
Would you like to share any more experiences for corresponding software profiling?

This appears to be the related bug report:

Bug 1124816 - Firefox freezes intermittently burning 100% CPU due to fontconfig 2.13.1-1.1 update

It is currently marked as “In progress”. It might be worth taking a look. And you can add a comment if you think that is appropriate.

Personally, I do most of my browsing on Leap 15.0, which maybe why I have not noticed the issue.