Question regarding X subroutines

Many years ago, I got a set of FORTRAN plotting subroutines
which needed to be linked with an X library named libX11.a (which
came with the X distribution). I was running a 32 bit system and
I think this goes back to Suse 9 or 10.

In later Suse distributions, that particular X library disappeared, but
I kept the libX11 file and used it (and am still using it with 32 bit
Suse 13.1)

I am now looking to switch to 64 bit Suse and the old library will no
longer work in a 64 bit system. I think I have two choices.

  1. Find out where those routines are now (64 bit versions) and link
    my programs with that library.


  1. I think old versions of Suse are still available on the web. I could
    build a 64 bit Suse 10.x on a spare disk and see if it contains the
    64 bit version of this particular file.

I can provide a table of contents of the libX11.a file if requested.

x64 OS support 32-bit, you just need to load the 32-bit libraries.

My guess is your 32-bit libraries are exceedingly old and no longer maintained, so there is a risk deploying any app using those libraries. For that reason, you may want to just create a 32-bit Guest and continue what has has worked for you. Any security issues would hopefully be limited by what you have running in your Guest.

Depending on the complexity of the code, you can look for replacement software (if you’re not able to re-code and re-compile yourself).