Question -- opensuse kde printers

Can someone please re-affirm my sanity by agreeing with me that the printer configuration in openSUSE KDE is confusing and confounding and a total waste of time.:frowning:

Type in the kde kickoff menu


and I end up with no less than (3) different things to choose that all look the same, almost.

I am not really upset but just want to make a simple point. This kind of stuff is sprinkled all through the new release and the last couple as well.
When will all this stuff be unified and become an easier less confusing OS?
I was thinking it would definitely happen on 13.1 since it will be the new long term support version.

I am a bit confused, maybe I misunderstand you completely. Configuring printers is in realm of the system IMHO. Thus I would try YaST > Hardware for configuring printers (and see, there is an item Printer).

What is your goal by letting an end-user executing something witth the word “printer” from his/her desktop?

BTW, when I in KDE on 12.2 type printer in the Execute a Command of Kmenu, the same YaST > Hardware > Printer is started for me (when I know the root password of course).

You have to bear in mind that KDE is installed on a wide range of distros, some of which will not have anything as comprehensive as YaST; so there is some duplication in ‘system settings.’ In general, use YaST for things that are not related to a single user.