Question: openSUSE-12.1 Milestone-4 planned replacement is a repository update ?

My understanding from the factory mailing list is that there will not be a Milestone-4 (Factory warning of there likely being no Milestone 4)]( , but instead there may be a repository update, with a suggestion that the users to do an update via repositories from Milestone-3 - (factory suggestion to simply have repository updates to Milestone3)](

Does anyone know if that is indeed the plan ?

If so, we could create a temporary stickie to that effect warning our forum users (who don’t read the factory mailing list) not to expect a Milestone-4 of 12.1.

I do note that there is an open Bug day as

I just got off the Factory mailing list. I was informed that it’s an online update.

zypper dup

From which day? MS3 was several days late.

My understanding is that the scheduled day is August 11th.


This will probably be my 1st or 2nd ‘zypper dup’ (I can’t recall … I may have done this once before).

Presumably they will update the repository accordingly at some time tomorrow, and we can go ahead with our updates.

Same here.

I wish they would assign someone to step in while the main man is at DS.

Most companies assign a 2nd in command to keep things moving. Go figure.