Question on why Network Manager does not show an existing connection?

After executing
/usr/sbin/openvpn --config /home/owner/.pvpn-cli/connect.ovpn --auth-user-pass /home/owner/.pvpn-cli/pvpnpass --dev proton0 --dev-type tun
Network Manager does NOT show the vpn connection. Any ideas on why not?

This particular command comes from the pip3 install of protonvpn to get the ProtonVPN IP’s # working. I had to use pip3 to install both the protonvpn-gui and protonvpn-cli and protonvpn modules onto an openSuse Leap 15.4 OS.

So, you are invoking it manually (CLI command) rather than via NM itself?


nmcli d

owner@localhost:~> nmcli d
eth0 ethernet connected eth0
proton0 tun connected (externally) proton0
wlan1 wifi unavailable –
lo loopback unmanaged –

is what the nmcli d command shows.

I am invoking the connection via a Python3 script connect, using the protonvpn command (Python3 script file)

I am just curious as to why Network Manager does not show this very alive connection?

It is not currently managing the connection. For that you need to first make a NM VPN configuration.

Okay, I understand the need to create the VPN connection under Network Manager. When I did this, all of a sudden, to my amazement, the DNS addresses relating to this connection became unrelated. I was trying to utilize ProtonVPN connections to lock in place the VPN address to the DNS resolvers, but this broke down and all of a sudden I found multiple DNS addresses being used, in place of the ProtonVPN DNS address as I expected.

I am trying to preserve the binding between the ProtonVPN address and the associated DNS address for resolving the queries, but lots of things have occurred making this binding very difficult

Can you specify the desired DNS entries manually for this connection?

Right at the moment, looking at the connections I have

owner@localhost:~> sudo protonvpn status
[sudo] password for root:
Status: Connected
Time: 3:23:42
Server: US-FREE#34
Features: Normal
Protocol: UDP
Kill Switch: Disabled
Country: United States
City: None
Load: 100%
Received: 555.0 MB
Sent: 10.19 MB

If we go to one of the websites which checks the IP address and the DNS address, such as DNS Leak Test - BrowserLeaks

we find

Your IP Address

IP Address
ISP M247 Europe SRL
Location United States, Miami

Anonymize your IP address

DNS Leak Test

Test Results Found 1 Server, 1 ISP, 1 Location
Your DNS Servers IP Address : ISP : Location : M247 Europe SRL United States, Miami

And this is what we expect to see, if the ProtonVPN address and the associated DNS address is correctly paired and working

In order to specify the DNS addresses manually, I would need to know the ProtonVPN address itself first.

I hope this all makes sense?