question on the various repositories


Could somebody point out some documentation or briefly explain the differences in the various repositories on the opensuse site?

For example the main one I am interested in is:
Index of /repositories/KDE:

From there The KDE4 branch has

The main branch also has a /Medias/images/iso/ branch
with some 4.2.2 live cds in it.

I am just trying to figure out the best way to go about getting a brand new openSUSE distro and using KDE 4.2.2.
I know the main “official” release is 4.1. I don’t mind using updates etc that may be a bit “fresh” but I don’t want to venture into pure testing/highly unstable stuff.

I’ve found other sites (a d/l link for a live cd from but would feel more “comfortable” running a build directly from

Thank you for your time.

There really isn’t one if you read this page.


The closest seems to be, factory

To minimise the risk, you should not update as soon as there is a new build available but only if you encounter some bug and know that there is a fix in the new build.

Which implies keeping an eye on development and bugs, not something many new users do or know how to.

I do know many recommend it and seem to get away with it.

I just get a little irked with the many recommendations to new users to use these repos though as officially the repos are…
Package Repositories - openSUSE

Thanks, that page (KDE/KDE4 - openSUSE) you linked answered quite a few things.

I guess I am after the factory packages. I’m ok with the description of mostly stable/usable but some occasional breaks.

On that same page, they link back to the one page I had found on (“KDE Four Live” CD](

I was a little leery of running what appeared to be a custom build from somebody, but I would imagine that if the opensuse page links back to it, while not guaranteeing it, at least it makes it alot more credible imo.

Thanks for the information!

I’ve got a feeling the KDE4 live cd is maintained by someone relatively prominent in the Suse kde community.

I do believe you shouldn’t have to many problems with factory. Just wish unlike yourself people used that repo with there eyes open and treated it as possibly beta.

I even got bad reps for more or less telling people they where enabling beta. Yet the KDE page also agrees.


Beineri is responsible for the Live-CDs :slight_smile:

Just be careful with those listed as factory, personally i stick with the main repos though I did use possibly unstable repos when installing KDE 4.2 but meh I use PPA on Ubuntu and its the same there.