question on streaming capabilities of amarok 2

can anybody play mms and rts streams with amarok 2.x ?
I thought it was possible since phonon=xine can do that with kmplayer and with other xine based players that I have installed.
Amarok 1.4 with the xine engine could do that.
Is there any configuration that i am missing?
Thanks for any help

You could try asking your question here …
KDE Community Forums • Amarok

Depending on what they say, if it is a distribution specific issue, then you could come back to our forum and ask the question again.

to be honest I asked already a couple of times in the forum that you have indicated and no one has ever answered.
So I just put it to other Suse users like me to know their experience with the program.
Plus, the suse forum is full of questions by suse users about this or that application which are really about their general usage and thus rather distro-independent.
It is the first time that I read such a surprising response about a question of this kind

Surprised to be referred to a forum specializing in the application?

I make such recommendations quite often.

This is an openSUSE forum, and while our membership do try to help in application specific questions, in truth one would expect the application specific experts to be hanging out on the application specific forum.

After reading your message I tested and I also had problems, but KDE Community Forums • Can someone test this mms stream from a no-openSUSE distro?

So, delete/move anything returned by

find .kde4 -iname ‘phonon’ -o -iname ‘amarok
and if you still have problems… copy here the link to a stream that you can’t play.