Question on storing password for imported openvpn connection

In order to get my imported openvpn connections to work stored in the “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections” folder, I have to change the password-flag to 0 and then add the two lines “[vpn-secrets]” and “password=mypassword” before they will autoconnect from the Network manager connections box.

I thought that configuring up the password in the connection itself and setting store the encrypted password for user only would work to auto store the password and then NetMng would automatically grab it. That did not work, so I had to modify each file following the layout above.

How can this be fixed so I don’t have to manually edit vpnconnection files?

NetworkManager has system-level and user-level connections. The secrets for the latter can be handled securely via a password manager if desired (and take effect after login to a desktop environment). System connections store credentials within root-owned NM configuration files (AKA profiles). Such connections can be invoked during boot if desired:

This problem is fixed by the Store Password for all users (not encrypted) option, on the VPN(openvpn) tab and then going to the General configuation tab and unclicking the All users may connect to this network box and then under the advance setting, moving the individual user who can activate the network to the list on the right. ( this is done for safety )

Gnome-keyring only imports, or lists its version, and cerficate-exception appears broken.