Question on OBS and StudioExpress

I was watching an old youtube video on SUSE Studio and I went to this link (susestudio):

It sent me to this link:

There doesn’t seem to be much you can do from that page. Is that simply because they are still in the process of merging the two?

I do know about this link which you can get to from the opensuse home page. I am just more curious about the merging status. That is why I posted it in Chit-Chat instead of the OBS forum.

I guess a recommendation is that if StudioExpress is not ready then a link to OBS from the StudioExpress page maybe a nice addition.

Hi, you’re right, studioexpress currently doesn’t have all the features of susestudio, at least not in the webinterface. FWIW there are talks going on about releasing susestudio out in the open, so that people can install it on their own machines, but I have no clue whether that’s on a short term. I’d have to look into things a bit more, but there was also something about generating a kiwi config file from an installed system, and build an image from that.