Question on LLVM for xorg repository

I have “upgraded” to the xorg repository for opensuse 12.3, hoping to get latest Mesa (9.1.2) and the drivers. I have also upgraded to kernel 3.9.0.

Do I have to install the llvm packages to take advantage of the latest mesa developments ? I do not have llvm installed but I sense no improvement in my graphics card performance over stock opensuse 12.3. I am using the OSS radeon driver ( no choice).

I have a radeon HD 4250 card.

Let me say a couple of things, and one is ask a question. What problem are you trying to fix? Did you know that installing a new mesa version and related files can crash your system if you are not careful? Of course, we all do dumb things ever so often and don’t ask how I know about mesa! But, why are we taking a risk unless there is an unstated problem you want to fix and so we need to hear what this is for you.

Thank You,