Question on DVD formats

Over time, I’ve acquired several DVD-RW discs that K2b identifies as “DVD-RW
Restricted Overwrite”. K3b will format these but can’t open them for write
as long as they are identified as this type. All my single layer DVDs atr
from the same batch of Verbatim brand disc, so the type info has tp be
something I managed to write. Some I did use in a JVC DVR, so that may be
the root of the problem.

My question is: How to I reformat these discs as DVD-RW-Sequential -which is
what I normally see after writing an iso to one? It irritates me to throw
out what should be a usable disc.

Will Honea

try switching to growisofs in K3B and see if that works any better.

AFAIK this is nothing to do with the disks but the capabilities of your DVD writer.