Question from a Suse newbie

First question those 1-click packages does these work as ordinary installs and auto-updates??

Second question in the new opensuse 11.2 will there be a meta-package to install the full kde-desktop (games education etc)?

Third question Why should i choose OpenSuse 11.2 instead of Kubuntu 9.10 or Mandriva 2010??

I do really like the screenshots and that KDE is default in OpenSuse I am currently using Kubuntu but that being a bit buggy makes me go crazy sometimes… Ive tried Mandriva but thought that it looked awful but other than that it worked ok but never felt at home so now Im waiting for OpenSuse 11.2 being released…

Is there a big differnce installing Goldmaster or official release?? Repos moved or something becausse I would really like installing next weekend…

OneClick installers are not my favourite - I would say, use the DVD installer and you can add all you want from there.
Then, Just use the default repo’s plus Packman. (You will need the Videolan repo ONLY to add libdvdcss, then disable it.) That should answer 1&2

You must use what you like, we can’t tell you what to use. But I’m using 11.2 and it’s great.

Gold Master is basically the release. But I generally advise users to wait a week or two and see how it goes with the release. Watch the forum for reviews and comments.

One-click installs will download and install the software, as well as add the relevant repo(s). You can choose whether these repos should be anabled for the install only or permanently, in which case you can update from them.

I can only agree with caf4926, after defecting to ubuntu after suse 11.0 (mounting problems) I’m back and I love it 11.2 rocks
A kde4 which not only runs on a netbook but gives good bootup times

I am pretty fresh to OpenSuSE as well and very comfortable. Hope I can share you my thoughts:

  1. The one click packages automagically add the right repositories and do install the packages needed. Since the packages can be updated in the repository, the update tool will automatically pick-up the updates.

  2. Within Yast you can find meta-packages for all kind of software groups. I use this for the programming tools, though you really can find everything.

  3. For years I was using Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Recently there was the new Ubuntu 9.10 family announced. I did try both (Ubuntu and Kubuntu) and I was bit disappointed, I expected better. It was already the case from the moment of the first mile stones and release candidate. The final version did not change my mind. Tried several other distros, though OpenSuSE is my current favorite. I know many other people like Mandriva, though I cant tell you anything about it.

My suggestion is to try several distro´s and even OS´s appealing to you. Find out the differences and stay with the one that fulfills most of your requirements. I really promote any other distro or OS but the one with the Blue Screen of Death…

Have fun!