Question for admins

Is DKMS going to be implemented anytime soon in opensuse?
Thanks for your attention

It’s included in linux mainline with 2.6.28, so I’d expect it’ll be available in 11.2.

openSUSE has it’s own Kernel Module concept Kernel Module Packages - openSUSE

Not sure if DKMS would be advantageous to transition to or not, you might be able to use fate
A search for DKMS returns nothing right now though. Nor did Bugzilla for me.

Better add, if you’re thinking about supporting a kernel module some way, may be you should ask the kernel team about DKMS & openSUSE KMP; on the openSUSE kernel email list. Low traffic list and gets read by ppl like Greg Kroah Hartman of Linux stable team & driver project.