Question: /etc/zypp filenames

Following SDB:System upgrade and zypper I successfully went from 15.1->15.2

Trying this on a different computer did not go so well and in the process of sorting out my problem I discovered that the filenames in /etc/zypp are unexpected.

My 4 repos.d files are all named Leap-42.3-*

They all contain the proper info for 15.2 but the filename bugs me. Why isn’t it Leap-15.2-* instead of 42.3?
Did I do something incorrect that failed or is this just the way it is?
This is the output of grep url for a single file.


Should I rename these files or just leave them alone (updates via zypper or YaST work fine).

If everything is working, it is best to leave them alone.

On your next upgrade (presumably to 15.3 when that become available), consider using the DVD for the upgrade. That will probably fix the repo names.

Repo names are likely already correct. File names are irrelevant - there could actually be multiple repository definitions in one single file.

thanks for this!