question before reinstalling leap 15.3

I had to go back to windows for my job temporarily. I ended up with windows 11 on my desktop after updating from windows 10. I do not like it.So when I reinstall leap 15.3 from a dvd would dual boot work or would it be better to just use the whole disk for leap?
I did notice after putting windows back that my bios had an update available that I installed from Lenovo. I thought Lenovo bios update notices would show up while using leap 15.3 but they never did.

IMHO you should install Linux on whole disk and run Windows when you need it in a VM.

Per your question, dual boot of leap 15.3 and windows 10 works fine for me. I have i7 high end cpu and lots of memory and disk space. I assume that windows 11 would be fine also. I also have windows10 in a vm. That also works fine. I am preparing windows 10 vm to be a stealth vm to use in scambaiting adventures eventually.

You should have no trouble dualbooting unless you are hardware constrained.

tom kosvic

If I put leap 15.3 in what will I have to do to update to 15.4 when it’s released?

Will work the same way as 15.2 > 15.3 (and 15.1 /15.2 and further back).

And I can add that I did several of those (from somewhere 42.n) with the online method (which now with the releasever feature in place is extra easy) and had no problems upgrading.

I just wasted 2 hours trying to install leap 15.3. once with the dvd and once with the online.

That is a pity. But just saying so isn’t productive in a technical help forum where people can not read minds.

What happened when you tried? Do you have an Optimus laptop?

I’ve been installing *SUSE for just short of 20 years, initially because of how easy it was to install, rarely with any serious problem amounting to installation failure, or a problem not easily fixed. It’s by far my favorite Linux installer.

I tried the bootable usb and everything worked fine. The dvd had about 50 error messages about wrong checksums and software not installing.

I conclude from this that you succeeded in the installation. That was not clear from your post #6 above.

Without a more detailed description, I can only point to checking the checksum of the ISO before copying to the DVD and when it is on the DVD itself.

If you used the same “iso” to setup the USB, then you probably have failing DVD reader hardware.