Question About Xorg and Intel Graphics

My ATI graphics card fan went bad, so I am temporarily using the Intel Sandy Bridge integrated video until a replacement fan arrives from Hong Kong (maybe I’ll get it this year). One question I have is that when I opened up Software Management in YaST2, it wanted to install the following packages: intel-gpu-tools, vaapi-intel-driver, and xf86-video-intel. Xorg was working fine outputting video to the screen before installing these, so what are these for? Secondly, Amarok works in terms of outputting sound, but the GUI is not functioning; there’s now a hole where the visualizations normally were and I see what’s on my desktop instead, and there’s a blank gray frame around that. Also, if I leave the computer for a short period of time and come back and move the mouse or hit a key, this KDE OSD thing pops up with a picture of a monitor and a level meter. Sometimes it just pops up randomly on its own without hitting any key. Are the Xorg Intel drivers just buggy?

Those are normal packages for the intel driver, it could be an issue with sna acceleration for your sandybridge if it’s an older one, so switching to uxa may help, see here;

You may also pickup errors by looking through /var/log/Xorg.0.log and/or ~/.xsession-errors-:n logs.

As Malcolm mentioned, these are normal packages for intel graphics hardware.

FWIW, I have

# rpm -qa|grep intel

Have you restarted the X-server since the update process?


I uninstalled those three packages and now Amarok works correctly. I guess I’ll just leave it alone and use my desktop without those three packages. I didn’t mention that I have the Xorg repo enabled, so it pulled those packages from there, and maybe they’re buggy? And yes, I restarted the X-server. By the way, it’s nice to use YaST ticking a few boxes to uninstall a video driver. On Windows, it’d be a total nightmare with junk forever stuck in the registry and .dll files scattered everywhere.