Question about users email accounts for suse guru ^^)

Hello folks ^^)

I’m voxel, just arriving here with a (possibly dumb) question for all suse linux gurus :

Problem is : I have an old server with opensuse on it, there are several users that’s active there, the server respond to an fqdn, say ‘’ and some of the users have a mailbox and can send/receive emails as/to their

now I want to create a new user that must have too a mailbox and respond to/get emails.

but there I have a problem : whatever I do that newuser can’t send/get emails from/to that address!

I’ve dig into the server and haven’t found anything on it that tell me How the existing emails for the other users have been created !

on a side note, there is an squirrel mail installation on this server and all email enabled existing users can log into and manage their emails with it, but as you can’t create new users in squirrel mail that’s not really of any help for me :frowning:

So, How can I create a new user that will get an email that respond to for sure ???
I’m a little puzzled there and can’t find any how to anywhere regarding this.

any help will be appreciated ^^)
thanks a lot by advance,


When one starts a thread hear, one of the first things to do is to choose the version of openSUSE in use. That should trigger you to understand that it is important to tell what version you have. Nevertheless you choose for OTHER VERSION, but forgot to communicate which version that is.

oups! that’s a very old leap v15.2

As 15.2 is seen in the choose list, I changed it for you.

Hum, can it be that no-one on there know how to create a newuser on a Leap15.2 server that will get for sure an email that will respond to the scheme like ALL the existing users do ???

I can’t think it’s true… will be unbelievable.

Maybe it’s using a relay for mail? Have you looked at squirrelmail aliases, is it using sendmail or postfix (for postfix check in /etc/posfix/aliases).

Hello Malcolm ^^)

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

well there is a postfix installed, yes, btw there are no trace of these emails in the
/etc/posfix/aliases files or db… nor in /etc/aliases… and there is no relay either.

btw2, I’ve found a(n overlooked) /etc/posfix/whitelist files and db there and it seems that’s this is the unique place to reference that users emails…

is it really all that’s needed to have workings emails address for a ???

will try to update that file/db and see if it works for the new user I need.