Question about the updater applet

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just a short question about this updater applet, which is running in the control area of the Taskbar (KDE).

I have done now two updates (two times the same) on two different machines. One was through this updater applet and the other one was done with YaST → online update.

Both times I had a Kernel update which usually requires a reboot. On the machine on which I did the update through YaST, I got the message to reboot as soon as possible.
But on the machine which got its update by the updater applet, I did not have this message. So I thought that the applet maybe did not update the machine, despite I started the update in the applet.
But when I checked the updates in YaST afterwards, it tells me that it is up to date.

So does this applet usually work dependable? What´s your experience? Should I rather use YaST than the applet?

thank you for some answers


So does this applet usually work dependable? What´s your experience? Should I rather use YaST than the applet?
steffen13, the applet does work dependably, but it is only looking for security type updates. So, not everything that could be updated, will show up in the update applet. Further, as you noticed, some information items, such as reboot as soon as possible, are not presented by the applet.

The other issue I have seen is when the applet tries to run while you already have YaST Software Management or Repositories open first. The applet will give you a warning, but the problem is only one application can have the package database open at a time. You can also get an error if you try to open the YaST Software Management or Repositories applications while the update applet is running. Normally, the update applet runs shortly after you restart your computer. It also runs on a regular basis, but I can’t remember off hand what the interval is.

If you do not want this to load, close it and when it asks if it should reload automatically, just say no. If you change your mind, the update applet is in the program menu and once run, will reload automatically just like before. So, you can use it if you want, or if you really check for updates every day, then don’t load the update applet. Of course, it is suggested you do use the applet to insure you get notified of any important security updates.

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okay, great. Thank You very much for your answer! Then I will leave it like it is and use the applet as an indicator for updates. The updates will be performed with YaST then.

I have been fine with the update applet. However, it does fail to warn you that you should reboot. If there’s a kernel update, I normally reboot myself, even though not alerted to do that.

As far as I know, it handles all updates. That is, I disagree with the other poster who said it only does security updates. I have had a number of non-security updates.

You are both correct, though not precise. The applet offers Security and Recommended updates, those that are in the openSUSE update repo.

Other newer version of software in e.g. Packman and the several building service and other stable, factory, etc. repos are not signaled by the updater Applet (or by YasT > Online update). These can be installed with YaST > Software Manager and then using ins ome listing at right (e.g. by usinmg the Repository View) Right Click > All in this list > Update when a newer version is available.

There are of course zypper commands to do the same actions.