Question about setting up LTSPs

Hey there,
I’ve read the tutorials and haven’t found an answer for my question. I have a server in my classroom. My school district has been very generous and has given me 15 old, unused computers. They are all Pentium-II with 512mb-1024mb of RAM. I also have a 20 port Linksys switch. My classroom has a 100mbit hardwired connection that will serve Internet access.

How will I set up my network? From the tutorials it almost seems as though I need two NICs in my server computer? I’ve checked and all my computers can PXE boot so I’m set there.

Do I connect all computers to the same switch (switch to wall, computers including server to switch) and then have the computers use the server as the gateway? I’m stuck at this point.

Any help is appreciated. I’m excited that I’ll be able to do all kinds of great technical stuff with my students now. I’ll be running the Education disto.


It doesn’t matter what the gateway for the thin clients are set to, because the programs are actually running on the server in LTSP. But yes, it doesn’t hurt to set the gateway to be the server.