question about security issues


I think opensuse ver. 10.1 does not contain SELinux; ver.11.1 does. can I gain this feature through system update?
And, how to install ‘denyhosts’?
Thanks a lot.

10.1 is out of date & is no longer supported. Better get a more up-to-date version.Or did you mean SLED 10.1 ? You can get the more up-to-date features by compiling them yourself,but, making sure dependencies are met is going to be task-intensive, not to be undertaken by the inexperienced user


Is it outdated ?
I downloaded and installed it last September. Is it no longer supported?


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the one I installed should be ver 11.0, sorry for this:)
but I dont know if denyhosts was on, or selinux enforces or not.