Question about rolling back to snapshot on dual opensuse boot system

I have a system with two opensuse tumbleweed installations on separate nvme drives. One has gnome and which I keep for reliability and stability. The other has KDE and hyprland which I use to tinker and try out more “bleeding edge” stuff. This also helps to keep the customization themes separate. I was following this tutorial here:

on rolling back to a snapshot by booting into a snapshot from the grub menu and running:

sudo snapper reboot

When I entered the grub menu and looked at the list of snapshots, I realized that the snapshots of both installations were mixed with each other in this list and were not distinguishable unless you entered the system and looked at various identifying features. Grub does not seem to keep these separate, but does snapper keep them separate? And by that I mean does snapper automatically know to perform the rollback on the installation which originally produced the snapshot you booted into and not the other installation? Or is it possible for there to be contamination between the two installations unless you take extra precautions? It would make sense for it to just rollback the installation that originally produced the snapshot you booted into, but I want to make sure I understand what snapper would do in this situation so I don’t do anything catastrophic. I don’t currently have to perform a rollback, but my nightmare scenario is that if I eventually have to perform a rollback, snapper wipes the wrong installation.

Show full grub.cfg and explain where do you see snapshots of both installations were mixed with each other in this file.

I see now that they are not actually mixed in the GRUB menu. What is actually happening is that the snapshots under “Start boot loader from a read-only snapshot” only show the snapshots for the #1 boot option. The snapshots for the second drive listed as “openSUSE Tumbleweed (on /dev/nvme0n1p2)” are hidden/not shown. I can reasonably guess that snapper just rolls back the installation on the #1 boot option by default and because snapshots for the #2 boot option are not shown, it is impossible to accidentally mix installation snapshots. Thanks, my initial assumptions were incorrect, it seems.

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