Question about openSUSE KDE 4.2.4 package revisions

I am running openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.2.4, and everything is running fine, no problems.

What I would like to know (I am not sure if this should be posted on the development thread) is what changes are implemented when the package revision number - after the 4.2.4- of a KDE package is changed? For example, take kdepim4. I am running 4.2.4-2.4 and the repo now has 4.2.4-2.10.

Is this some sort of a bug-fix on top of the KDE version update that I should update, or maybe just an improved packaging of the same source packages?

The standard release number is <commit number>.<rebuild number>. So, in your example, the ‘2’ will increase when the packager changes something… it can be a security fix or a typo in the description, anything important should be in the package changelog. And the ‘4’/‘10’ is the number of times the package has been built. It rebuilds every time a dependent package is changed, but the rebuild can be exactly the same than the previous version.

…in the future and Factory, if a rebuild doesn’t changes the package it isn’t published, but right now we are redownloading packages without changes.

Thanks ;).