Question about Kontact

2-3 years back, Kontact was not an app that I would use. Now I see things got changed and that it has very huge set of tools and things. I must explore them.

However, I’d like to know can it be made to be in “sync” with my other computer over some web service or whatever?
I have home laptop and work computer, I’d need ToDo list sync-ed between them, and of course, the most things possible.

For mail & calendar I use gmail, but sync-ing todo list is my problem… can Kontact solve it?


Not possible right now, I’m afraid. The KDE developers are waiting for OpenSync version 0.40 to implement it, and that could take a while. It WILL happen eventually but right now the KDE4 PIM apps don’t sync with anything.

Hmm… pitty.

I even diched Thunderbird, so I dont have any mailer, because I can’t have things synced.
Unfortunately, gmail is only thing I know about to have things all at one place.

Well you could always use Evolution. It’s slow and bloated and a Gnome app, but it does work and can be made to sync with lots of things.

Actually, it is possible to sync KDE PIM calendar with Google Calentar using GCalDaemon, GCALDaemon - Project Home

Yes but his main problem is syncing todo lists, and the Google calendar tasks are rather limited as of now, even assuming it’s possible to sync them with KDE PIM.

I find hard to believe that no one, for so long, dared to make todo synced, or KNotes or something. Seems that Milk widget is a step in that direction, but unfortunately, it does not work at all (for now).