question about KDE themes

Sorta two questions.

One is: how do you change the sound theme in KDE4?

The second is: what is the best way to change the overall theme?

All settings in ‘Configure Desktop’

Shortcut to just desktop theme = right click desktop -

I don’t see any way to change the sound themes in that.

There is a button for Sound, but all that does is change the device.

I really can’t say exactly. I have the darn sound switched off. It’s a PITA.
You may have to edit things manually or check in here:](

Oh, ok. I see it now.

Now, my problem is that the sample sounds are not playing in that setup. :-/

I can’t see much config there. Hang around and see if anyone else comes in on this. You can always bump it to bring it back to life.

The best place for themes and sounds are here Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop -

Most have installation instructions