Question about install..

So, I have windows 7 as my primary and want to install linux on another drive with out linux doing ANYTHING with the windows 7 install. Unfortunately I installed opensuse and my updates went to hell and I could not install anything. I followed directions on several websites about making the C drive (my install drive for windows) the primary then grub error popped up. I uninstalled open suse until I can find a resolution if I can. Not to mention the wireless drivers did not work with opensuse at all. Ubutnu studio’s wireless drivers worked fine after install but the touch pad had issues. Seems i can’t find a user friendly version of linux for me to learn on that has everything that works out of the box.

Any idea’s?

In order to install any Linux distro on a separate drive without it touching C: you need to install it without overwriting the MBR (the openSUSE default). You then log in either by changing the BIOS order (if it is a separate drive and not just a separate oartition on the drive) or by using some alternative Windows software which allows you to select the drive from which you wish to boot.

In relation to the wireless drivers, I suggest you post a separate question in the wireless forum - incidentally, if you were using KDE, you may not have informed KDE of your desire to connect wirelessly; so it would not have done so. That is nothing to do with wireless drivers but with the way KDE works.

openSUSE default is to write a generic boot code into MBR to make Windows happy, unlike most other Linux distros. It does indeed overwrite the MBR, but with the same stuff. It never touches drive C: (neither do other distros).

I made an error in my first post. I meant another partition NOt another drive. That was my error… sorry…

so that being said… how do I install this correctly and simply… =/