Question about gsynaptics and touchpad


I’m using OpenSuse 11.2 on my laptop. Naturally that involves a touchpad. For that I use gsynaptics.

In the start I had to run gsynaptics in the terminal to disable tapping, as that was ruining my day, when I was typing away on my thesis.

I had to do that everytime I started the computer, untill I did this:

Synaptics Multi-Touch - openSUSE Forums

I still had wierd bug that I think was related to the touchpad:
Wierd bug in 11.2 64 bit, KDE4 - openSUSE Forums

So I ran gsynaptics and disabled the touchpad altogether.

How come I don’t have to do that everytime I start the computer? So far its not a big deal, as there is always a USB mouse connected.

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There’s some KDE4 apps to control touchpad behaviour:
touchfreeze (used that on previous laptop, OK)
All of them restore saved settings on login.

Hope this helps you

Hi Daqar,

this is not very elegant but have you tried to disable your touchpad in the BIOS of your laptop (before booting)?

And to your thesis: My way of secure the work (from me being silly) are automatic saving every minute (full version) and sending myself a copy with the date in the name every day…

Good luck