Question about DVD upgrades

I installed 10.3 via DVD(preferred method). I wiped it because of problems with Yast/opensuse/pacman issues. I installed 11 via DVD, and plan on keeping it for my main OS since the package management problems have been fixed. My question is if I decide to upgrade to 11.1 when it goes final via DVD, what exactly will happen? I know it will upgrade the software from the DVD. What about stuff from Pacman and other repos? Will this cause problems?

Well, I sort of answered my questions. I installed 10.3 KDE(DVD) in virtualbox and added pacman and videolan repos. After installing software from the community repos, I put in the 11 DVD and chose upgrade. It showed the pacman and vlan repos(disabled by default). I left them disabled, and the packages from them were deleted during upgrade. I assume if I had enabled them, they would have been upgraded also.

As I recall, every time I’ve upgraded from DVD, it has not been an option to to enable and include 3rd-party repo’s. Not been an issue though, and actually it can be better to negotiate Packman’s packages after the upgrade. Furthermore, you could inadvertently get newer community versions which are problematic with what is in the standard upgrade. Just fyi, there is also a method by which you can update directly from the repo’s without any installation/upgrade media; I’ve used it for simple upgrades but it can catch you unawares with things like a change in how the kernel handles some hardware (I got unexpectedly stung this way by the disk naming change from “hdx” to “sdx” for all drives).

Point well taken. Curiosity has gotten the better of me though. I’m going recreate this again in virtualbox, and see if I can actually enable the community repos with the 11 DVD and update everything. I’ll report back as to what happens.

Great, I’ll look for that. I’d actually prefer having this option, too - but me thinks it could be dangerous for the inexperienced.

It was a success(kind of). I installed 10.3 in virtualbox, updated, and added the restricted multimedia via one click so as to include pacman and videolan repos. The 11 DVD gave me the option to install the standard stuff, or to only upgrade the currently(10.3) installed apps/files. It showed all of the current repos also. Everything except the opensuse repos were disabled. I enabled them all. It actually used the 10.3 version of the third party repos during upgrading which caused dependency problems. I then done it a third time, but edited the third party repos to point to 11 instead of 10.3. It used the third party repos with the opensuse repos to upgrade the system. I checked the “upgrade installed apps” option, and after rebooting, everything was just as I had left it (settings, modified files, /home) in 10.3. So, it will work if you know what your doing.

Thx for sharing the info. Good to know that it can be done after all . . . . “if you know what you’re doing.