question about Devede application

A question about Devede application. I converted an avi file to create a DVD movie. I adjust the size (with Adjust disk usage) to be under 4.7 Gb, but after the file is created (*.iso) the size is around 2Gb. Anyone knows why is that? I’m using OpenSuse 11.1 on 64 bit with kde 4.2.4 release 2. Maybe there is a setting somewhere to be made? I would appreciate any help.

The .iso should expand once burned to disk, also, depending on the avi file size,it may not take up the full 4.7gb after being converted


wow, this was fast. well i was just thinking that would be a waste of space to burn just half of a dvd when I could get a better quality on it. I will try to burn it. I didn’t know that it would expend when burned. thank you

The .iso should expand once burned to disk
Really!? Never heard that one Andy.

FYI: I have used this app a great deal.
For eg: You can easily make a DVD with 4 episodes of a popular TV show or a DVD with 2 Movies. (Where you get the TV shows or Movies is none of my business)
Each entry (.avi) is by default set at 5001 bit rate, way above the original .avi rate. I usually bring them down to about 2500 (but this will vary depending on the original .avi)
Then with the menu and background I aim for a 95% use on the scale. But it’s true the .iso will be smaller than the 95%. Probably about 70%.

This didn’t use to be the case (yrs ago). You had to be very careful to keep under the 100% or it would go oversize.

oops! my apologies. I should really stick with answering one forum at a time


Thanks for replies. I created the file which was under 4.7 Gb. I left it to be named movie.iso(default) which this time was 3.6Gb in size. I burned the dvd successfull even tough I got some message that files larger than 2GB can be read only with UDF mount(or something like that). When I tried to see if it works it says that the file cannot be played. Did I miss anything? if i put it on the dvd rom it’s just a iso file. well the iso i didn’t add it to a project because k3b says that is a raw cd file which can be burned directly. Not sure what do i do wrong.

One thing I always do with a movie.iso before I burn it is, right click open with VLC.
VLC can play it as it is, so you can check it’s quality before the burn.

To burn. Right click the .iso and open with k3b - having a blank dvd-r in your dvd/rw tray.
k3b will usually produce a hash check sum, just ignore that, check the burn speed is as slow as you can set it and burn.

This is all because of file formats and size of frames in those formats. I’m not going to do the calculations here, but I know the feature in Devede is meant to do this: import (different types of) video(s), output to DVD format. If the output does not fit on a 4.7 GB DVD the video is compressed to fit. Hence, if you would put the same video four or five times on the same output DVD, it would still stay under 4.7 GB at the cost of video quality loss.