Question about apache httpd.conf file permissions

Hi I have an odd question. I want to have a very specific user to be able to edit the contents of httpd.conf file only. With the use of sudo how can I accomplish this, is it possible.

Note: I don’t want the user to be able to vi to any other files in the /etc directory

Thanks all…

What is it you want the user to be able to alter? There is probably a better way to give restricted permissions to the user.

Hmmm Im glad you asked actually it is php settings that they may need to alter. e.g:

Register Globals: OFF
Safe Mode: OFF
File Uploads: ON
Session auto start: OFF
Session save path: /var/lib/php/session
Short Open Tags: ON
Output Buffering: OFF
Display Errors: OFF
XML enabled: Yes

some of this I’ve already done but he may need more. The thing is I don’t want to give away my root passwd.
And also some other people may come later that’s why i’m trying to figure out how to give some one W permissions on individual files.

Thanks for replying…

Well I think I figure it out. Just for other people that may be interested this is what i did

the htdocs located in /srv/www/htdocs I changed the permissions rwx rx x 755 to rwx rwx x 775 then I added a group and added the user to that group. Then all you have to do is give rw permission to the htdocs to the newly created group. I hope is clear…