Question about a certain package

Hi again.

Each time I do a system packages update through Software Manager I always see a package in @System repo which is always highlighted red:

Version: 0.125svn20120525-1.4 (x86_64)
Description: A free h264/avc encoder - encoder binary

Why is it always in red, as though it was outdated or similar? Should I try to “downgrade” it, replace it or do something about it?
Thanks for your help.

Hi, see here: HTH Lenwolf

If a package is marked red, it is either not available from any of the repoes currently active, or a package is made ready to be reverted back to a previous version. Packman does downgrade packages from time to time, I suppose it has to do with a failure/inconsistency in the most recent version, not recognised initially? Packman does also remove certain packages to be replaced by new ones, in that case it will be as in the first red example; although it derives from Packman (given that the packman repo is active) it is not available as it does not any longer exist.

If the package libx264-125 isn’t available no more just remove it, the dependency solver should auto-correct the matter and the package should be replaced. If an older version is available just downgrade.

Typically this package updates numerically and leaves behind the old < number.
The old package can be removed, but it's not harmful to leave it either.
View the versions in software manager, theat should make it clear
Sorry, thats the bug affecting Chrome
should read: its not harmful to leave it

In the case of that package it’s obsolete, you can remove it. It’s gone from the repos, and as caf4926 suggests, always check first under the versions tab in YaST.