Query regarding setting up brightness


Happy year end.
I am using Opensuse 12.1 with gnome 3 on my thinkpad. But when ever i adjust the brightness settings, When i shutdown and reboot, the brightness is again set to full. (It doesn’t retain the brightness setting). Also, I didnt hear any login sound.

Laptop configurtation: IBM thinkpad ( Intel C2D, 4GB memory, 250GB HDD, No dedicated graphics).


So I think the basic problem is the startup applications are not working right. To get to your startup applications do this:

Alt-F2: gnome-session-properties <enter>

To get a Login sound go to Startup Programs Tab and find **Gnome Login Sound ** and edit the listing. The command there does not work. If I enter a player name and a sound file, it works. You can try this:

/usr/bin/play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/test.wav

This works. The program Play works fine, you just need to find some suitable sound files. So, you could add in a program to set your brightness here as well.

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You could try using the xbacklight command in a start up script to set the preferred brightness (eg 60%) like this

xbacklight -set 60

exit 0

You’ll need to place it in the location described by James and make it executable first.

Alternatively, you could borrow from one of the many Ubuntu threads dealing with the subject (with various solutions that may not all be effective)

[ubuntu] GDM Brightness - Ubuntu Forums](http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9259920)

In particular post #9 may be useful. I’m not a Gnome user, and things change from version to version, so YMMV.

HI, thankyou ferrari and james. I used both of your technique. I added a command xbacklight -set 25 to the gnome session properties and everything is fine. Thanks again and happy new year.

Happy to help and a big Happy New Year!

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