Quck opensuse 11 bug list

All of this is 100% reproducible on a Sony VAIO SZ340P:

Speed mode (NVIDIA 7400Go video):

  • the kernel freezes right after dettecting mouse/keyboard - unable to boot.

Stamina mode (Intel integrated video):

  • video not properly configured: Only 4:3 resolutions available. No ammount of tweaking YaST2 settings changes that.
  • touchpad not conficured properly: all, but a 1cm/1cm area in the upper left corner is configured as scroll.
  • bluetooth does not work.
  • Intel wireless does not work.
  • logging in as a non-root user would cause you to loose keyboard and mouse.
  • shutting down does not shut the system down, to shutdown you have to choose shutdown and then kill the X-server (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace).

Bottom line: totally unusable! I’m forced to restore the 10.3 image I saved before installation. That is the first SuSE release that is an ABSOLUTE disappointment.

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