Quanta Plus, or other HTML/PHP development environment

The last I remember seeing, Quanta Plus was still based on KDE 3.5, and there haven’t been any updates lately. I may just be looking in the wrong places too.

Is Quanta Plus still being developed and does anybody know when a new release is supposed to come out?

Alternatively what program(s) do you prefer for HTML/CSS (with HTML5/CSS3 support?) and PHP development environment do you prefer?

I am looking for something that plays nice with KDE but may go with Bluefish if nothing really pops out. I’d prefer to only use Eclipse if the program has enough benefits because my system is older (Pent. M).

I still use Quanta.
But I see that bluegriffon is available in the repos for 12.1, in the 12.1 Mozilla repo.
I haven’t tried it but I will in the next few weeks.



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A text editor would do it. I just hope for some additional features.

Site/directory navigation
Editor portion with intelligence, tag completion, syntax coloring, suggestions, etc.

Would love to have a publishing feature because sometimes just viewing in a browser isn’t enough unless it can connect to the database.

I have heard good things about BlueGriffon.

I’m personally a big fan of sublime-text-2, although it is not free.