Can’t seem to find Qtpfsgui in the packages?? I do photography and HDR is an important factor to me. This is not a bad software, just a shame the tonemapping couldn’t be better. So looking for the link



It’s in the repositories, search here;
Get It

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I had already done that and no luck -

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A bit frustrating as I was using with Mandriva

My apologies, but what version of openSUSE are you using? This is very easy to install. If you are using openSUSE-11.1 and you can not install it, then you have other problems with your PC that are not related to this. How new are you to Linux?

As a test, I installed this in about 2 minutes. Specifically, I went to webpin and typed in qtfpsgui and got this hit:
Webpin search for qtpfsgui

I noted that it was in the repository :


… I’ve used that repos before, so I have reasonable faith in it.

So I simply opened a konsole, and typed ‘su’ (no quotes - entered root password , and then typed (actually I copy and pasted most of it)):

zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/multimedia:/photo/openSUSE_11.1 photo
zypper install qtpfsgui
zypper rr photo

followed by:


and the software ran. 2 minutes !! 2 minutes. Thats all.

Thats actuall simple. Simply to add a repository, one types:
zypper ar URL-OF-REPOS some-name-of-repos

Then to install the application:
zypper install the-application-name

Then to remove the repos (always IMHO a good idea for 3rd party repos other than packman):
zypper rr URL-OF-REPOS

And thats it !!

Now one could have simply done the 1 click install instead, but I’m not a believer in the 1 click install. I can copy and paste pretty good, and zypper is easy to use.

So JUST HOW did you try to install this, to fail so badly? Its easy.

Please post and let us know, so we can teach you the easy way to do these updates. … Apologies if I have appeared to over simplify this, but honestly, I do find it pretty simple.

It’s there for 11.1? What version of openSUSE are you running?

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Thank you linked to the widehat.opensuse.org and it came straight up. I have lots to learn in Linux but its a great OS. Has its moments.But I am convincing more to go down the Linux route as more people are getting fed up trying to build a defence around Windows. The amount of CPU and Memory taken up by the huge anmount of software needed has gone over the stupid mark. I have a new faster comp and I bought one without an OS have Linux Suse and XP. Xp won’t be used much. Ooops waffling on here



OK, glad to read it worked for you. …

The initial part in any new OS is always difficult. If you can survive thru the initial difficult learning curve, then I believe there is a good chance you will find Linux to be pretty good.