QTParted doesn't compile properly

Dear experts,

I just tried to install qtparted ver0.4.5 on my computer to help partitioning my HDs.
After doing the “configure/make”-sequence (using unsermake, as required), I received following error during compilation:
“qp_libparted.cpp:1751: error: ‘ped_free’ was not declared in this scope”,
where “ped_free” refers to a function, that is called twice in the source, but is nowhere defined/declared in the qtparted-package.

  • I didn’t find it in any of my installed header-files.
  • I didn’t find the answer in the qtparted-project pages.
  • I didn’t find any qtparted FAQ in this forum

My parted version is 1.9.0-3.7.1 from openSuSE 11.2

My question:

  1. Do you know, which other library might contain this “ped_free”-declaration?
  2. Any other perted GUI, that might work better (gparted is only available on a live DVD after boot)

Thanks for fast feedback,
sepp2gl a puzzle pinguin

So, I have a copy of openSUSE 11.2 and I use 11.3 and if I search on qtparted, it is there, installable on both versions after you install openSUSE. I would say though if you want to boot from a disk, your best best is to download a copy of GPARTED in my opinion. You can find a copy of GPARTED here:


So, there should be no reason to “compile” QTPARTED when using openSUSE 11.2 as it is in the repositories and it is suggested you make a boot disk of GPARTED if you want a bootable disk to use to partition hard disks.

Thank You,

You should already have a parted based GUI partitioning tool, go to YaST> Hardware> Partitioner.

If you add the packman repo to the package manager you will find gparted, kde4-partitionmanager and diskmanager available for installation.

These are fine if the partition is easily unmountable, but If for example you wish resize-move “/” you will still want a liveCD, for anything other than minor partitioning I would recommend a liveCD, I use PartedMagic.