qtconfig fails to configure yast

Hello this all started when I opened yast though a terminal, some of my colors and fonts got messed up for the gui so I open qtconfig and change them except they don’t effect yast at all and I am using the qt version of yast so I don’t know what the problem would be. also don’t know if this would effect it but qtconfig is not accessible through a terminal, the terminal just hangs I have to get to it through beagle.

Sorry that was worded absolutely horrible what I meant was after I ran yast through a terminal the colors and look of all qt apps changed, opened up the config and the gui style is oxygen but it’s not the same oxygen for kde (menu bars are diferent and highlighted text and loading bars are a very dark blue not the light blue of kde oxygen). also the menu states “Any GUI Style plugins in your plugin path will automatically be added to the list of built-in Qt styles. (See the Library Paths tab for information on adding new plugin paths.)” well there’s no Library paths tab in the configuration so how do I go about that? Also one more thing, it states to use KDE Control center for the build palette though I’ve found that doing that works only on currently opened qt apps as soon as others are opened it’s back to the old “qt oxygen” look so any ideas? Thanks

I don’t pretend to have a good understanding of this (so forgive me if I’m missing something here), but I assume you have these packages installed?


My desktop theme seems reasonably well integrated…

yes both of those themes are installed and still what I mentioned before.

Which version of KDE4 are you using? Similar discussion here:

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I’m using 4.1.3

I don’t know the definitive answer, but I strongly recommend upgrading to KDE 4.2 or even 4.3 as outlined here:


Howto install KDE 4.2 on openSUSE « The Blog is Hot

I updated but still the same problem (at least the new visuals don’t make it look as tacky)

also I’ve noticed now I’m required to set up a kwallet account with knetworkmanger any way to bypass this?

Just go into desktop settings, somewhere you’ll find configuration for the wallet and you can delete it. Don’t quite know what you’re supposed to do if you use it for something else - maybe delete it, and readd it how you want it…