qt5 : 👎 error: cannot find -lGL

hi all i install qt5 from here:

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt51/openSUSE_12.3

now i also install the freeglut and glut library (also mesa GL).

but when i compile it say “cannot find -lGL” .

anyone know why? or what package do i need to install?

First question should be if you have a special need to program in QT5.
QT4 is current stable in the normal repositories.
QT5 core and various other components are in Factory which means that as a whole likely considered a bit risky.

These appear to be your current options

  1. Program QT4 for now if it makes no diff to you.
    2.Install the QT5 packages individually and hope you get them all
    software.opensuse.org: Search
  2. If you feel brave enough, enable the Factory repo <temporarily> long enough to install QT5, then <disable the repo>.

zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/factory/repo/oss/ openSUSE:Factory

Then search “qt5” using YAST or zypper and install what you want.

And, don’t forget to disable Factory immediately before you do a system update.


1st, what are you trying to compile?
GL devel library is provided with Mesa-libGL-devel package (or you can do zypper in libqt5-qtbase-devel, which will pull all the devel packages required for qtbase to build)

Why that?? KDE:Qt51 repo provides packages for both Factory and 12.3

the problem i think it libGL in /usr/lib64 .

its need libGL.so BUT when i install from qt5 Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt51/openSUSE_12.3

its install Mesa-libGL-devel (that have libGL in /usr/lib64) BUT to fix it its need run time mesa-libGL1 that have libGL.so.1 and to fix need to link libGL.so.1->libGL.so BUT libGL.so already there (from Mesa-libGL-devel)

am i right?

i already install it

OK, and what are you trying to compile?

its doo it after i create a qt application from the wizard and compile it (the base program when you create it in qt)

soo i can’t even continue my old program.

i always manage to solve the “cannot find -lGL” problem but now its still here and i dont know why

yes i check this is the problem .

how are you building this unknown program ?
configure and make?
qmake and make ?
Qt Creator ( as in UnknownProgramName.pro ) ?

is this a 32 bit build on a 64 bit OS or a 64 bit build ?
as in what is the architecture( i686,x86_64 ) and the lib folder set to in this unknown program

i reinstall and all works ok . but thanks.