qt4 repo now 4.5 beta

specifically libqt4-4.4.90+4.5.0rc1-33.1.x86_64.rpm
Has anyone else upgraded? Issues?

so far everything seems ok except:

  • knode, can’t reply to posting 'cause it crashes
  • kalarm, crashes constantly, appears to be caused by “command alarms”

though I’m not seeing massive speed increases but things were running
fine in 4.4

Suse 11.1 x64, Kde 4.2beta, Opera 10.x weekly

At a certain level, Qt 4.5 is incompatible with kde 4.2. Even the kde4 devs said so. This is due to some changes in the graphical components of Qt which can cause corruption or misbehavior of applets and plasma. I wouldn’t recommend running kde 4.2 on top of Qt 4.5. It may work well for most parts, but others will malfunction or crash