QT4/KDE4: loop of dependencies

I want to install KDE 4.1 on my openSUSE Desktop.
kde4-dolphin 4.1.X depending on libqt4-x11-4.4.2. I find it on internet and download. After double-click:
I`ve find this packages.
libqt4-4.4.2-2.1.i586.rpm says:
libQtWebKit4-4.4.2-2.1.i586.rpm says:
What do? Please send zypper instructions (if I remove this packages, qt4 is gone and YaST installer are dont know what do. (Its running in Qt4 mode, whats happened?)

I cant insert english message for error of kde-dolphin dependings, i using POLISH YaST.

Sorry for my english, im from Poland

libqt4 has been made a requirement for some of the latest KDE 4.X
features. If you ignore these dependencies you will break your desktop.
Please get the details for how to avoid trashing your setup here: