qt4.5 - different fonts?

Hi. After a recent systtem update it looks like my fonts have changed. I think it’s connected to updating qt libraries to 4.5. I don’t know what my previous font was, however. Any ideas?

PS.: I didn’t change any fonts, I used the default ones. The font changed automatically after update.

PS2.: I use opensuse 11.1 with kde 4.2.3.


maybe you should add the stable/safe kde 4.2 repository instead of the factory repository. I guess soon there is also kde 4.3 getting into the factory repository so it is highly recommended to use Index of /repositories/KDE:/42 instead until kde 4.3 is stable.

Hope this helps

Well, I’ll see. What currently causes most problems is qt, not KDE itself. I’ll keep the Factory repos and even update to unstable 4.3 when it comes - I’ll be glad to fill some bug reports if I bump on any. And if the update will be to harsh (read: too many bugs) I’ll just rollback to KDE42 repos.

BTW.: There is still KDE 4.2.4 to come AFAIK, so I doubt the 4.3 update to KDE Factory will come that soon. 4.2.4 comes at the beginning of June, and stable 4.3 is to arrive in the end of July, so it’s not that big difference - not even two months.