Qt/Jambi, anyone else playing around with it?

Just wondering if anyone else is giving it a go and how satisfied they are with it.

Been playing it around for a week or so now and I’ve to say I quite like it. Some things in Qt are very well thought out and in general when compared to swt/awt everything takes fewer lines of code.

Besides doing things with fewer lines of code being needed I also like how ‘native’ it feels. Ofcourse since I’m using KDE as well I can’t say I’m a fair judge… but it feels a lot faster and they gave some things like buttongroups a lot of thought to make sure it shows up in a way that’s native to the OS.
It’s also working a lot better under KDE when it comes to dual monitor use, dialogs don’t pop up on the wrong monitor etc.

The documentation however isn’t all that great, a lot of examples are still in C++ and the only way to get jambi specific support is by joining the mailing list (no irc channel or forums). Been getting most of what I planned done although sometimes taking a lot of time.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with it and hope a lot more people will make use of it, I’ll see if I can contribute some examples myself via the mailing list (so wish there was a forum…)

Being a Java developer primarily I enjoyed QtJambi quite a bit. As far as KDE support there isn’t much of anything. I thought I read something a while ago saying that QtJambi isn’t going to be developed any further.

I’m also developing in Java and using it for my studies, I’ve made a tutorial on my blog so far, sent bug report for the examples in the documentation and… I’m going to continue work with QtJambi in the next few days.

Yes it’s true: Qt Software to discontinue Qt Jambi after 4.5 release — Qt - A cross-platform application and UI framework.