Qt development for Android

I tried to install the Qt Creator for development of Android apps. Obviously this is not possible with the Qt Creator from OpenSuse repisotories.
Therefore I choose the download from the officail Qt site, with the “qt-unified-linux-x86-2.0.5-2-online.run” program. After some issues with the 32 gcc and its environment the installation went fine.

But now, when I try to run the newly installed Qt Creator from its own directory the following error-message appears: “This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb””.
The Qt Creator form OpenSuse repisotory still runs fine.

Is there a tutorial/manual how to install Qt for android on OpenSuse?
Has anybody an idea how to fix this issue?


From the relevant Qt documentation…

An explanation what xcb is

Although teh following from the Qt forums describes a User trying to run an application from outside Qt Creator, IMO the troubleshooting procedure and possibly the solution(missing 32-bit libraries) should apply to you, too.