Qt creator missing ClangCodeModel plugin


Recently I switched to opensuse but I have one little problem with qt creator and that is I can not use clang code model as described here http://doc.qt.io/qtcreator/creator-clang-codemodel.html

  • Select Help > About Plugins > C++ > ClangCodeModel to enable the plugin.

Here is the screen shot from my qt creator where you can see that this plugin is missing.

Any idea why?

Best regards.

You’re using something that is not officially accepted into the QT-creator project yet

According to the above, if you install Clazy or Tidy you might find a plugin available. The following installs Clazy, couldn’t find a ready Tidy…

There are some private builds for a static analyzer that might include the plugin

The first link includes build directions, but that looks pretty sparse to me so don’t know how usable those might be… The result in any case doen’t look like it might produce a plugin, only a library.


The Clang code model is only available on Tumbleweed as the version of LLVM in Leap 42.x is too old. 3.9 is required, but 42.3 only has 3.8.

Then you can try one or more of the following options…

  1. Try installing just the package from TW (I’d recommend initially against adding the entire repo), you can see at least what dependencies it might require that are not met. If no dependencies, then it’s a pretty safe install. If you require additional dependencies, then you will want to determine how they might be met, perhaps very carefully enabling any TW repos temporarily only for the install, then immediately disabling or removing those temporary repos.

  2. The above involves some risk and carefulness. A perfectly safe way to set up your Dev environment is to install virtualization (eg Virtualbox, VMware, KVM, etc), and then install TW in a Guest virtual machine with all its customizations. This is my own SOP for several reasons… So that the individual Dev environments I set up to build any app is not polluted by anything installed to build other apps, settings and customizations won’t conflict with each other and also basically recognizing that just the installation and running of Dev tools and code on a machine creates serious security holes that can’t be avoided.


Thank you for your time.
So far I wasn’t aware that this is ‘beta’ feature because every distro I’ve used had this plugin availabe.
I will try with clazy package just in case but not today. :wink: