Qt 4 Development

Don’t want to start a war here or anything, but was just wondering what people are using for a Qt IDE? What’s best/easiest for a person coming from the Windows world (VS6/.NET).

Also, are there any good tutorials for use with the IDE’s, or recommended books?



you can use kdevelop or qtcreator which is available from the qt website. I guess since kdevelop4 isn’t ready yet (you can try a beta version from build sercice kde community repository) which provides a better syntax completion as kdevelop3 qtcreator might be the best choice for beginners, but I haven’t tested qtcreator yet but a lot users are reporting positive things about it.

Hope this helps

Thanks, I’ll check out Qt Creator & SDK.

This is a WAR! Let’s rant all IDEs! :smiley:
Seriously if you are planing to develop with Qt Jambi (same QT framework - for Java) I suggest you the Eclipse addon. You’ll find it on Qt’s site.

If you are experienced Java/C++ programmer then a complete book could be very annoying (especially the parts about data type and the examples first with 1 combo box, then with 2 combo box. after 1+2 combo box, etc.etc. :)). I’m learning from the API reference - it’s complete and have many little examples.

I’ve heared that Qt Jambi will be discontinued in the near future. Maybe there will be a fork by some community members who will continue development :slight_smile:

Have a lot of fun

True. The development officially discontinued by Qt. Now it’s a community project like Gnome, KDE, openSUSE, etc.etc.
Have a lot of fun too

ps.: if you are interested in Jambi development drop me an e-mail. I’ll jump into the community development after my last exam.