QT 4 Development Pattern missing files

Hi, I wanted to start learning GUI programming so I have installed the ‘C/C++ Development’ and the ‘QT 4 Development’ patterns with YaST. I’ve gone through the basic starter tutorial and I’ve gotten the examples to compile, no problems.

When I run “qtdemo” I can browse the examples fine too, however, the actual demo programs weren’t compiled. So I went to ‘/usr/lib/qt4/demos’ and, as root, typed “qmake” which worked fine. I then typed “make” and it started to compile the programs fine - it then exited with an error from one of the programs. When it gets to the program ‘mainwindow’ it won’t compile it because ‘titlebarLeft.png’ isn’t present. I’ve search my filesystem and the png is not there and I’ve search the internet but I can’t seem to download it from anywhere.

Do any of you have the pngs required by the demo programs so that I can compile the rest of them?

Thanks in advance…