QSSTV Doesn't Recognize USB Sound

I am trying to run QSSTV with a Yaesu FT-991a. In the sound settings, Audio Output Settings show both USB sound devices. In the Audio Input, none are shown.
I can open the ~/.config/ON4QZ/qsstv_9.0.conf, paste in the sound device info and receive is shown in the waterfall of the QSSTV.

Opensuse 15.3
QSSTV 9.5.8 from Opensuse repository.
Yaesu F-991a

Any help appreciated.

The solution was to select the pulse sound server in the audio dialog. The I had to switch sound channels. The USB cards still don’t show properly n the program, but I can adjust them through the pulse mixer.
I now have QSSTV working.

A year and a half later.
QSSTV in OpenSuse (15.4) still doesn’t recognize the USB card in the sound configuration.